Light Gauge Steel Structural Profiles

Roll Forming Systems ve Profiles

It is also used as auxiliary elements for various prefabricated buildings (prefabricated buildings, villas, one or more storey buildings, containers, hangars, warehouses) and heavy steel structure (cold form) systems by roll forming technique. galvanized systems and fast construction is desired in cases where more preferred, bolted or special rivet system increases the speed of operation.

Roll forming is generally an operation in which the sheet metal bends by passing between a group of rollers. During this operation, each pulley makes small contributions to the bending process and lasts until a profile of the desired cross-section is obtained. The roll forming system is the most efficient metal forming technology that has left its mark on the last fifty years.

Roll forming is ideal for the production of parts that need to be supplied in long or very large quantities.


Advantages of Roll Forming: 

  • Production is fast
  • Applicable to all bendable materials
  • Simultaneous shaping of two materials
  • Stable, quality priority production
  • Close tolerances
  • Uniformity throughout the product
  • Product length is not limited to the process
  • Very smooth surface
  • High production volumes
  • Energy-saving
  • Possibility to carry out additional operations on the same line
  • Possibility to drill holes or sockets at desired locations
  • The same tools can be used for different materials